The Gift

Many people believe that mediums and psychics have the “gift” of communicating with the spiritual realm. Spiritists, psychics, and mediums claim to know what’s happening there, based on their visions and communications with angels and spirits of the dead. Television shows such as Medium, Psychic Detective, and Ghost Whisperer are a few examples of the captivating influence the supernatural realm and those who speak for it have on popular culture. The Internet is chockfull of stories, opinions, and teachings on the subject.

Spiritually gifted people are generally deemed credible if they are gentle and well-intended and if their intuitions, voices, and visions are uplifting and true. People also assume the source is good, perhaps God! But if the purveyor is offensive and/or if the counsel is farfetched and false, the source is suspect. The devil may be involved or the person made it up!  The truth is that without biblical teaching, people cannot discern the source of the information.

The Bible clearly forbids participation in divination, talking with the dead, and consulting spiritists (Deut18:10ff). God warns us that “Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light” (2 Cor 11:14). The Bible affirms that spiritists, mediums, and psychics are not gifted. Rather, they are people Satan and the demons use as foot soldiers in their war against God.

The true Gift is Jesus Christ, who “has rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of the Son he loves” (Col 1:13). Jesus lived, died and rose again so that we might have a relationship with God through faith in Jesus. He came to save us from the deceptions of evil—in all its masquerades. Call on his name today—he will give you the gift of himself and new life.

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