Angels, Demons and the Dead

Angels, Demons and the Dead book cover

Popular culture depicts larger-then-life supernatural beings who mesmerize, dominate, and sometimes destroy humanity. The dead visit the living and foretell future events. Even Christians can be swayed by their depictions.

In Angels, Demons and the Dead, Beekmann answers questions like:

  • Can we still speak to the dead?
  • Does God still send angels to minister to his people?
  • How can we know the difference between angels and demons?
  • What is discernment and why is it important?

Building a solid foundation on Scripture, she offers a method to test the source of these mysterious beings. Most important, however, we don’t need to fear spirits. The Lord himself created and rules over them and wants us to discern whether or not they come from him. He has given us his Word and his Spirit to teach us everything we need to know.

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