Silencing Satan: Handbook of Biblical Demonology

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Silencing Satan is written as a series of short chapters on a variety of topics relevant to Satan and the Demons. The authors examine the demonology of the neighbors of ancient Israel and the Hebrew understanding and dealings with the demons. The book defines terms such as exorcism, underworld, omen, curses, and more. Most importantly, it explains the demons’ relationship to God and how Jesus Christ defeated them at the cross. Throughout the book, there are applications for ministry.

Rev. Sharon Beekmann and Rev. Dr. Peter Bolt teach that when face to face with supernatural evil in its various guises—apparitions, voices, sensations, false doctrine, and temptations to immorality—believers resist the devil and reflexively turn to Jesus and Scripture. They fight by living a radical life of faith, expressed through love and obedience to Christ. As they do, God himself redeems the evil that Satan intends for his vainglory. God is building his church, and the gates of hades will not prevail against her (Matt 16:18)!

Beekmann and Bolt deftly introduce readers to the world of Ancient Near East demonology before considering what both the Old and New Testaments have to say about Satan and his demons. But the book’s main strength lies in equipping pastors, Christian counselors, and other ministry leader to better care for believers who are experiences dreams, visions, or other unsettling supernatural phenomena.—Graham Cole ThD. Trinity Evangelical Divinity School  in Christianity Today 2019

Rev. Dr. Peter G. Bolt, PhD, is an ordained minister of the Anglican Church of Australia, Diocese of Sydney, and Academic Dean, Sydney College of Divinity. He is the author of Living with the Underworld and Jesus’ Defeat of Death: Persuading Mark’s Early Readers, and the editor of Christ’s Victory Over Evil: Biblical Theology and Pastoral Ministry.ic.

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Silencing Satan: A Handbook of Biblical Demonology - 13 Studies for Individuals and Groups

Each of the thirteen lessons begins with prayer followed by an introduction, study, reflection, application, and closing prayer. The study guide can be used by individuals or small groups. It is a companion to Silencing Satan. Each lesson refers the reader to significant teachings in Silencing Satan: Handbook of Biblical Demonology. It begins with questions relevant to the pagan worship of other gods and ends with applications for Christian ministry.

The authors expose the half-truths propagated by popular culture and caution against using extra-biblical sources. 

Does the study of Satan the demons increase fear or give him too much attention? In fact, when presented from a biblical perspective, such knowledge can increase faith in Jesus Christ and enable Christians to effectively serve God and his church.

 A leaders’ guide is available in the appendix.

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