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Christian Discernment Resources

Sharon Beekmann equips Christians to rely on Scripture when discerning what is and is not of God. Her books, blogs, and videos teach Christians to stand with Christ during trials and temptations to sin.

Here is a video of her testimony as told to Naomi Wright, founder of beEmboldened Ministries, which specializes in helping people recover from Christian cults and spiritual abuse. Also go to Video tab to watch follow up videos where she teaches on discerning the spirits and standing with Christ. Her blogs offer theological insights that support living the Christian life in Word and Spirit.

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The Christian and Energy Therapies

For many years wholistic health journals, spas, and practitioners of alternative medicine have advocated the use of reflexology, Reiki, therapeutic touch, acupressure, and a variety

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Holiness and Healing

Biblical faith affirms that God heals and transforms believers in this life and the next. In the natural realm, healing is associated with medicine and

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