Angels, Demons and the Dead book cover

Angels, Demons and the Dead:
Casting the Light of Scripture on Spirit Beings

This book offers a biblical perspective on the spirits. Popular culture is not shy about featuring larger-then-life supernatural characters that mesmerize, dominate, and sometimes destroy people. The dead visit the living and foretell future events. Christians need not be awe-struck or fear these mysterious beings. Why? The Lord himself created and rules over them. God wants us to discern what is and is not of him. He has given us his Word which teaches us everything we need to know about them.

Rescued and Redeemed: How to Discern Demons from the Divine.

Evil need not deceive and control us!

In Rescued and Redeemed, Beekmann shares that Christians should be:

• Educated about the demonic realm
• Inspired by the power of Christ
• Equipped to help others

Silencing Satan book

Silencing Satan: A Handbook of Biblical Demonology

Silencing Satan: A Handbook of Biblical Demonology is for Christians in ministry, whether seminarians, pastors, Bible teachers, Christian counselors, or lay leaders. It is for all who desire an informed faith relevant to the gospel of Jesus Christ and supernatural evil. Each chapter reflects extensive research and is succinctly written to enable believers to quickly grasp biblical truths that expose the lies and half-truths propagated by popular culture.

Silencing Satan Studies book

Silencing Satan: A Handbook of Biblical Demonology
13 Studies for Individuals and Groups

The 13 lessons of this study guide help Christians develop an informed faith about supernatural evil and the gospel of Jesus Christ. Each lesson refers the reader to significant teachings in Silencing Satan: Handbook of Biblical Demonology.

Believers are challenged to live a radical life of faith, expressed through love and obedience to Christ. Seminarians, pastors, Bible teachers, Christian counselors, and lay leaders will find this study useful in individual and small group situations. A leaders’ guide is available in the appendix.