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Come Lord Jesus

Jesus Christ upended the spiritual beliefs and practices of his day when he offered humanity a relationship with God. Most common folk in the Greco-Roman culture depended on miracle workers with a library of formulaic prayers and rituals to protect them from spiritual evil. Jesus’ gift of salvation made them

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The Source Matters

Something was amiss in Abigail’s life, so she joined a six-week archeological dig in Israel to figure it out. One morning mid-way through her stay, she awoke and saw a six-foot man dressed in a full-length robe standing in the doorway. Stunned but unafraid, she looked at the man and

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Plumb Lines

When I was in high school, my dad asked a classmate to build a retainer wall around a flower bed in the front of our house. He later inspected the work and saw that the stacked bricks tilted 45 degrees off center. Clearly frustrated, he asked, “Did you use a plumb

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